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Meet Doug and Patti Rose

Doug was born on a farm in Nebraska. Patti was born in the city in California. They met in Los Angeles and have been farming and gardening ever since.

Patti put in her first pond in 1965. Doug put in his first pond in 1990. Between them They have been ponding almost 65 years.

They now make their home in McKinleyville, CA where they grow ponds, vegetables and carniverous plants.

To Our Local Customers...

If you want to reach us. Call to make your appointment at:

(707) 839-0588

If there is no answer, leave a message or, if it is important,
Patti's cell is: (707)599-3731.

Or you can email us.

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Our Services...

Pre-construction Consulting

If you are planning a pond, be sure to *PLAN* before you move your first shovelful of dirt.

There are many considerations to creating a pond besides the cost of materials. If it is planned correctly up front, your pond will give you all the enjoyment you anticipate and save you the heartache of unplanned surprises.

Our consultation comes with a written report, and personal question and answer time. We help you anticipate such issues as:

* What effect will the sun have and how to site your pond to manage the sun for your benefit?
* What do you do about fall leaves?
* Is your filter and pump the right size?
* What will your maintenance schedule look like?
* What can you do to minimize maintenance costs?
* What can you do to manage critter damage?

If you are planning to have a contractor, we can work with them to make sure you get that perfect pond. Once your pond is built, we can help you understand the unique personality of a new pond and what to anticipate.

Green Water Consulting

Do you have the green water blues? There is a remedy for that.

Our consultation comes with a written report, and up to two hours of personal question and answer time. We help you understand and remedy such issues as:

* Why is your water green and what can you do about it?
* What maintenance is effective and how often should you clean?
* How much water do you really have and why you should know that?
* Could I have a leak and how do I fix it?

Pond Maintenance

We do pond maintenance in the Eureka, CA area.

We will clean debris out of your pond, flush filters, maintain plants and add appropriate bacteria.

With arrangements, we can rotate plants in your pond so that your pond is always looking it's best. Give us a call to discuss your particular pond needs.

We want you to enjoy your pond. There is no such thing as a pond that is too time consuming to maintain if you know what to do.

Carniverous Plants

We specialize in cold (above 30 degrees F) or cool (above 40 degrees F) house plants. Some or our varieties include:

* Darlingtonia - Cobra Plant
* Drosera - Sundew
* Pinguicula - Butterwort
* Sarracenia - American Pitcher Plant
* Utricularia - Bladderwort
* Dionaea - Venus Flytrap
* Drosophyllum


Humboldt Water Garden Club

The Water Garden Club is growing by leaps and bounds.

They now have an official web site at North Coast Water Garden Club.

Please visit the club web page to get more information on meeting dates and topics.

Updated: Feb. 2016

"The blending of Knowledge and Experience

to make gardening and ponding more enjoyable."

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